My first visit in Kosovo, Prishtina.
I have been challenged by a colleague from Kosovo to hold a workshop during the annual Prishtina Summer University 2013. My students were mainly from Kosovo and Mecedonia. The aim of the course was to develop a (fictitious) concept, based on research and analyzes, focusing on national and cultural identity in order to raise interest for and knowledge about Kosovo as a young and competitive country. 
Design and particularly Strategic Design are great tools to bridge the gap between a receivers perception of a brand or a service and a senders communicated message. This workshop was focusing on developing creative ideas - the final results were presentations of these ideas, rather than finished products. 
I gave lectures about different measurement tools of research and analyzis. 
The workshop lasted 9 days. In addition to daily working sessions, we had a lot of social arrangements, did some trips to different places and cities in Kosovo, and exchanged a lot cultural knowledge.
The assignment of the workshop:
Prishtina Airlines - in collaboration with the the City of Prishtina - ask you to develop a concept for marketing the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina to an international audience. You are asked to develop a concept for a 3 days open air cultural fair in the city of Prishtina, communicating (traditional) values (history, culture, architecture, food, customs, religion, society, industry, geography, music, architecture, etc.) but also modern visions and approaches. You may focus on a selected, single target group, on any segment of cultural interest or a combination of several segments. You are free to narrow down the function of the fair - either you want to turn it into an exhibition, a show or a festival or any simular event. By developing an annual event in the City of Prishtina, both the city and Air Prishtina try to appeal as a modern and interesting place to travel to. Especially guests, transported by Air Prishtina are a preferred target group, enabling the use of Air Prishtinas existing communication tools (webpage, campaigns, editorial information tools, airport, etc.).
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