3 days Editorial Design workshop at Klaipeda University, Lithuania.
Design a minimum one magazine spread (a double page) for the magazine “SOULFOOD”. You are asked to write an article about a food-related memory that evokes good feelings and memories. This could be a memory from your childhood, from a journey or an event that means a lot to you. Find or design illustrations or photos that strengthen your experience and complement your work. Think out off the box and be creative. The format is two A4 pages (portrait) for one spread. You might want to use recipes, quotes or any relevant elements.
Design a magazine cover page (A4) containing the logo “SOULFOOD” (designed by you), an image or a collage (of your article) and some short headlines of all your articles (from the other workshop participants).
The students should do these preparations before we will meet the first time:
Write about one or two interesting stories (in english) - the text can be edited and changed later 
collect images related to the story (photos, illustrations, …)
Learn basics in InDesign and Photoshop *
* The students should aquire basic knowledge in Photoshop and InDesign (how to open and import files, how to treat photos, how to set text in columns, how to construct a grid-system, how to resize elements, how to work on layers, how to save files in PDF format).
When working in the class, I would like the students to have access to their files on a computer, so I can give 1-1 assistance during the work sessions.
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